3 Вересня, 2019 16:50

Презентація кампанії «Не від, а заради» – допомога мобільним клінікам

У четвер, 5 вересня о 13:00, в просторі «Dialog Hub» на вул. Володимирській 43 у Києві відбудеться прес-подія, присвячена старту кампанії #неВІДаЗАРАДИ. Проект спрямований на надання ВІЛ-позитивним дітям регулярного доступу до кваліфікованої допомоги педіатрів та інфекціоністів, які працюють у командах «мобільних клінік».

The project presentation for the Media took place today in Kyiv, at the Dialog Hub. The journalists were able to talk to the doctors of the Kyiv hospital OKHMATDIT, who work in the mobile clinic, HIV-positive teenagers and bloggers, as well as to visit the mobile clinic parked at the entrance to the Dialog Hub.

The Elena Pinchuk Foundation's project "Mobile Clinics" started in 2009. By 2014, five mobile clinics aided over 5.5 thousand HIV-positive children in the regions most affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Since 2015, the project has only three clinics. Two of them work in Dnipropetrovsk and Mykolaiv regions, and the third, assigned to the OKHMATDIT clinic, covers Odesa, Kyrovograd, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Rivne, Ternopil, Chernivtsi and Khmelnitsky regions. In 2018, the project involved 1,328 children. After medical examinations, 70 of them were hospitalized at the OKHMATDIT hospital in Kyiv, and 160 were admitted to regional clinical hospitals.

During 10 years of active operation, the technical condition of cars has obviously deteriorated. They need constant repair and replacement of parts. Medical equipment is also outdated. Partners have launched a new charity project to raise the necessary funds.

Additional Information

A mobile clinic is a vehicle with portable diagnostic equipment. Also, it has the medical team: a pediatrician or infectious disease specialist, a nurse, a social worker and a doctor working with the ultrasound machine. Their mission is to provide medical assistance to HIV-positive children and HIV-positive pregnant women in the most remote regions of our country. People who live there cannot get to the doctors themselves for months and sometimes years. They cannot receive primary diagnosis, donate blood for research, receive appointments and counseling in the treatment needed for HIV-positive and AIDS patients. The mission of the Elena Pinchuk Foundation project is to help them do this, to preserve their health and life. The project made it possible to check-up children and pregnant women at their location.

Elena Pinchuk Foundation

Elena Pinchuk founded the Foundation in September 2003. In December 2017 the Foundation announced that in addition to the fight against AIDS the organization along with the Coca-Cola Foundation will also be engaged in supporting women and girls but countering the HIV/AIDS epidemic will remain one of the priority issues for the Foundation. Today the main areas of focus are the fight against HIV/AIDS and a healthy lifestyle; mentor and educational projects aimed at young girls and women; attracting the best international experience in the humanitarian sphere to Ukraine.

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